Female Magazine Singapore

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The New York Times Style Magazine : Singapore

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PAPER Magazine

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"Alien Children" 

Photography/Art Direction/Styling: Elizabeth Wirija 
Makeup: StaziKaraMimi QuiquineRahm 
Hair: LuisaSalome 
Nails: Juan Fernando Alvear 
Models: JalenThomJadaMilesFonAmanda 
Floral: Jamie Shin
DOP: David Wept


Straits Times Oct 2018

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Raveena Aurora in In Magazine


KERING Sponsorship   

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Thesis collection sponsored by luxury conglomerate KERING as part of their Environment Profit and Loss (EP&L) Pilot Program. Featured in WomensWearDaily (WWD) and Fashionista. 


New York Textile Month 2017 Artist Talk & Exhibition

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Presented artist research on the culture of textiles, materiality, sensuous theory and sustainability in modern fashion industry at Jeannine Han Studio on September 17, 2017 as part of the 2nd Annual New York Textile Month.  

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FUEL Film in SUITED Magazine

Wardrobe in film provided by Shawna Wu. 

Fuel is an experimental short film that explores the complexities of our current social conditions through movement. Directed by Amy Gardner and styled by Ashley Owens, featured on SUITED Magazine. 

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KHALED Music Video

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Wardrobe and Custom Design for SLODOWN by Shawna Wu. 

Feat. Lace Remix Champion x Shawna Wu Handknit tee on SLODOWN. Handknit recycled silk sari sweater and $ilk $lip skirt on Samira Alfairus.  Music video directed by Kao Cheng Kai. Featured on Bandwagon Asia, Stratosphere and Juice Singapore. 


ISSUE Magazine Interview

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